Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces
Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces
Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces
Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces
Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces
Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces

Fabulous Magnetic Shoelaces

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  • Wide opening to slip shoes on
  • One handed handling
  • Instant closing of laces
  • Stay tight in virtually all activities
  • No retying necessary
  • Easy "kick-off" when ready
  • Cool colors

These Magnetic Shoelaces are fabulous!!!  They are perfect for anyone who has difficulty tying his or her shoes.  This can be young or elderly, physically handicapped or learning challenged.  Even those of us who just hate taking the time to tie our shoes!  The heavy-duty magnets hold in almost any activity, so when you are running or biking or even playing rougher rougher sports, you will never have to stop to retie your shoes.  And you won’t have to worry about double-knotting either!  They are lightweight and come in a multitude of colors.  Teenagers love them because they buy two pair and put different colors on each of their shoes.  The style we are selling is the new style that comes with a single long solid magnet so you don’t have to worry about having the two sides meet.  This style also is curved so it fits the top of the foot better, which relieves pressure points.  Finally, there are two sizes for a great fit.  The small size fits up to a European size 36 and a larger size for sizes above EU 36 (generally women and children take the small size and men take the larger size).

  • Full length magnets
  • Curved profile to relieve pressure points
  • Light weight
  • Two sizes 
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Curved Profile Relieves Pressure Points

These new style magnetic shoelaces have a slightly curved profile to fit the curve of your foot better.  The original design (which is still being sold) had a flat profile, which meant that the entire pressure of the magnetic shoelaces was concentrated on a line running down the foot.  The new style relieves the pressure because it is slightly curved.

Single Magnet Ensures Closure

These magnetic shoelaces have a single magnet on each side, which means that they don't have to line up perfectly to close properly.  The original style had several small round magnets with spacing between them.  This meant that the two halves had to be aligned properly to ensure a atight closure.  Our magnetic shoelaces remedy this issue with the single magnet.

Light Weight Means You Won't Notice Them

The two magnets together weigh less than 1 1/2 ounces.  You won't remember that you are using them!